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Cosplay Showcase

Howl Pendragon

Coat made by emerythos

Modeled by bubblynova

Sophie Hatter made & modeled by emerythos

Photography: Superrlynn


Made & Modeled: emerythos

Luna Yumizuki: Chaosity

Photography: Cerberus Fotos, U.V. Photography, JH Photography, and Kosho Photography

jennah CF vanguard6.jpg

Made & Modeled: emerythos

Agnes Oblige: Harlie Ireland

Photography: Kosho Photography


Wig styled / Modeled: emerythos

Tokoha Anjou: Harlie Ireland

Photography: Francisco Nazario

DSC_0719 copy.jpg

Armour made by / Model: emerythos

Suit: Effie Costumes

Wig: Rita Mim

Playmaker: Synnful Joestar

Photography: Cerberus Fotos

Yugioh Vrains Katsu10.jpg

Made & Modeled: emerythos

Crow: Leslie Crafton

Photography: Cerberus Fotos & The End of Something Beautiful

persona5 AWA10.jpg

Made & Modeled: emerythos

Photography: The End of Something Beautiful


Suit and Cape made by/Model: emerythos

Armour and Sword: Rage Gear Props

Photography: Solita DelaCruz Photography

Assistant: Nezuriko


Microphone & Headphones made / Model: emerythos

Samatoki Aohitsugi: Synnful Joestar

Photography: DeiCosArt & Cerberus Fotos

persona5 AWA29.jpg


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